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The highly capable staff of Mayo's Section of Publication provided complete manuscript. Through numerous revisions, LeAnn Stee, editor, improved the readability and clarity of the material; Rose Ann Ptacek-Vitse and Mary Horsman typed the manuscript, Jen Schlotthauer coordinated the many stages of printer's proof, and Mary Schwager was responsible for proofreading and for incorporating the hundreds of cross-references. Roberta Schwartz supervised and tracked the various stages of manuscript production.

Many individuals in Mayo Medical Ventures had a hand in planning and supporting this project. Dr. Lynwood Smith, Rick Colvin, and Vicki Moore sought and gained institutional support for this project. Dr. David E. Larson, editor-in-chief of Mayo's first book for the public, Mayo Clinic Family Health Book, provided valuable advice and guidance. The work of Lindsay A. E. Dingle, Scott D. Olson, and Christie L. Herman will ultimately result in wider distribution of the book. Krista Clouse of our Division of Communications coordinated all Mayo publicity efforts. Joan Benjamin skillfully executed secretarial responsibilities while dealing with three different computer systems used by writers, physicians, and editors.