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According to the philosophy of Straight Nature Cure, as accepted and practised at the Kingston Clinic, any lack of co-ordination in the body's forces is essentially disease. This state of instability requires to be understood to some extent by the patient, so that normal balance can be worked toward and restored. But to give a name or specific title to such disorder is to desert logic and reason, misleading both the patient and his professional attendant. Such 'diagnosis' can totally obstruct the proper search for causes, to which full consideration must be given when a condition of chronic disease has become established and when a return to High Level Health is hoped for.

No matter how apparently clean-cut the group of signs and symptoms associated with 'a heart disease', in each individual case the predisposing causes can be widely varied. Effective observation of the signs may be essential to trace the paths back to the causes; but if, instead, it merely leads to the pronouncement of a textbook diagnosis, treatment without reference to causes will follow — banishment of symptoms becomes the aim instead of correction of errors.