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When you are well enough you will be transferred to the General Ward.

You may experience some temporary psychological reactions at this time.

Some patients feel insecure after leaving the intensive supervision of a Coronary Care Unit for the General Ward where they are treated like any other convalescing patient. Consider it a promotion - one step closer to home.

Your stay in the General Ward would usually be 3 to 5 days.

While you are in the General Ward the doctors and nurses will advise you to gradually increase your walking distance each day until you are ready to leave the hospital.

After a heart attack there are often problems associated with the sudden and unplanned interruption of an accustomed lifestyle.

To ensure that you have as speedy a recovery as possible it is very important to anticipate any areas of concern and anxiety. These may include work, financial or home responsibilities.

If you are not covered by sick pay or are without an income during your illness you may be eligible for sickness benefits.

The social worker involves the whole family to see that no problems are overlooked.