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People who come to the Mayo Clinic for medical care often remark about the efficient organization that greets nearly 380,000 patients a year and yet focuses on providing each individual with comprehensive and compassionate medical care of the highest quality. This is the result of teamwork among Mayo's 1,300 staff physicians and medical scientists and 17,000 administrative and allied health personnel.

Mayo Clinic Heart Book is the result of the same spirit of teamwork, focused on the goal of creating a comprehensive, reliable, user-friendly reference for anyone interested in heart disease. The content of the book is based on the col lective knowledge of Mayo spe-cialists in cardiology, in conjunction with colleagues in preventive medicine, surgery, endocrinology, dietetics, and other specialties. But the information is only one aspect of the book's contents. The accuracy, clarity, and dissemination of its message have required the dedication and skills of many other team members.

Medical illustrator John Hagen prepared all of the medical illustrations, including the elegant full-color section. John has the ability to turn an idea into a clear, beautifully rendered drawing that interprets complicated concepts and images into understandable, meaningful, and memorable images. His skills have been recognized with numerous professional awards.

Ms. Terry Jopke was instrumental in assimilating the contributions of numerous collaborators into cohesive and readable documents.

Joseph Kane, from our Visual Information Services, was principal photographer for the book. Assisted by George DeVinny, we obtained photographs in medical settings such as the Cardiac Laboratory at Saint Marys Hospital to demonstrate what you, the reader, might experience as you undergo certain tests and procedures. We are grateful to everyone who served as models. X-rays and imaging scans were provided by Mayo Clinic Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Cardiac Laboratory, Echocardiography Laboratory, Nuclear Cardiology Laboratory, and Gonda Vascular Center.