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Thirty-five years ago James C. Thomson eventually completed the manuscript of what was probably his most celebrated book, Heart Disease Prevention and Cure. In its preface he apologized for 'the late appearance of this long-promised statement', from which it is evident that the principles and practical observations upon which he based that statement were no novelty to him. In fact he wrote from professional experience extending through the (previous quarter-century. That his writings are still regarded today las reliable, and as truly helpful to the cardiac sufferer, is a forceful indication of the timelessness of the truths he proclaimed. Some of the attitudes and techniques first set out in that book — and which were at the time regarded as 'criminal folly' by those members of the medical profession who gave it a second glance —have been gradually adopted by the more enlightened orthodox cardiologists.

Perhaps the most striking features of Heart Disease Prevention and Cure, when it first appeared, were: 1. its emphasis on the seriousness of fear as a factor in cardiac disease and the positive guidance it offered on ways of diminishing the presence and effect of that emotion; 2. its assurances that active exercise and movement can benefit the weakened heart; 3. its explanations of the powerful effects produced upon the physical system by psychological stresses, both individual and collective. In all three respects James C. Thomson's ideas were so far ahead of the times that one can understand the resentments they caused in some quarters.

The following re-presentation of his message neither indicates lack of progress in the intervening years nor presumes to' improve' the original with the advantages of hindsight. We have learned more about causation and treatment of cardiac disorders, and today we can almost take for granted many of the points which James C. Thomson had to argue with burning intensity. The world has also changed much, so that the circumstances of civilized existence pose an almost completely new set of problems for the health seeker. Rewriting implies no weakness of the basic principles, but their interpretation and application may perhaps be reconsidered with benefit.

This revision contains some passages quoted verbatim from the original text; mostly it is a free and extended transcription, intended to convey the message in a more contemporary or more fully explanatory way. Here and there, our current beliefs and practices may not coincide with the earlier writings, and where such divergences are significant they are noted and discussed.